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Speech and Language Therapy for Children with Autism

Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy is a critical service for children with autism and those experiencing other communication challenges. At Journey Therapy Center, our Speech Language Pathologists specialize in assessing, diagnosing, and treat speech, language, and cognitive skills for children that may have difficulties in areas of communication. This also applies to hurdles related to swallowing, speech, or language.

Our speech and language services improve communication and can reduce challenging behaviors, as well as improving academic success. Our highly-skilled team of Speech and Language Pathologists and BCBAs work together to design programs that maximize communication and language. This partnership provides one service location for your child to receive ABA and speech therapy.

Speech Therapy

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Although our speech therapy services pair exceptionally well with our ABA therapy, these services are also available to families not participating in Journey Therapy Center's ABA therapy programs. Our speech-language pathologists work to support an individual's skills in education, community, and vocational settings.

The services provided by our pathologists also can help with the feeding and swallowing challenges that occasionally come with ASD.

Using the Talk Tools® Program

The TalkTools® program is a highly respected and sought-after approach to improving speech production using bubbles, whistles, straws and other oral motor tasks. These well-organized tools and tasks improve strength and coordination of the speech articulators. They also build new oral motor plans which increase speech production. For more information on TalkTools®, please visit www.talktools.com.

Feeding Therapy Services

If your child is an extremely picky eater or a problem feeder, we can help. Our feeding therapy program serves children who display any or all of the following sensory-based behaviors:

  • Avoids certain foods based on textures or colors
  • Eats less than 15 foods
  • Refuses entire food groups
  • Has behavioral challenges or meltdowns at meals

We offer parents support for mealtime routines at home to encourage a positive experience with food. During a mealtime treatment session, the use of sensory-rich activities prior to and during eating will be incorporated to promote mealtime success. Your child will be encouraged to smell, touch, and play with foods in efforts to develop a readiness to tolerate different types of foods. Any contact with food is a step in the right direction! Eating is aimed to be a pleasurable and fun experience, as foods will be progressively introduced into your child’s diet. Developing new eating skills is a process that will take time and practice in therapy and at home.

Schedule a Speech Therapy Session Today

Journey Therapy Center is a Pediatric Therapy Clinic that provides high quality therapy to children with an autism and related disorders. To schedule a speech therapy consultation, please contact our office by telephone or email and a representative will be in touch to set up services.

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