Social & Life Skills Program

Social & Life Skills Program for Children 11 - 16 years

Teaching Social & Life Skills

Some people believe ABA therapy programs only benefit early learners, however there are some individuals who require continued support throughout their academic careers. Our Life Skills Program works in collaboration with parents and schools to focus on functional language, social skills, pre-vocational, and other life skills. These focuses are meant to be practical and useful for real life situations - preparing these skills has the potential to greatly improve quality of life.

Children and teens enrolled in this program are given opportunities to explore their interests and practice tasks of daily living. Our instructions are individualized and customized for each learner, as every child is unique. Each of our ABA programs meet the individual's and family's needs, with the opportunity to grow and adapt with them.

Journey Therapy Center - Social & Life Skills

Life Skills at Journey Therapy Center

The life skills taught at Journey Therapy Center are functional and can offer some ease of mind for the individuals that are enrolled. Some of the learned skills include:

  • Communication - Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication and using them effectively in various environments.
  • Play - Skills for enjoying leisure time independently or cooperatively with a group.
  • Safety - Learning about and avoiding dangerous situations
  • Self-Care - Promoting good hygiene and completed regular chores to improve quality of life.
  • and More!

Enrollees of this program often receive a combination of school and clinic-based services. Journey Therapy Center also offers a variety of services for families who choose a different educational path for their children. We'll work with you to develop the best plan possible for your children.

Build Independence with Key Skills

Journey Therapy Center offers social & life skills programs, along with multiple other forms of ABA therapy to children in the greater Lapeer, MI area. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about our ABA therapy programs.

For All ABA Programs:

A child receiving ABA services must be enrolled for no fewer than 12 hours a week. An exception is made for children that have previously received services and are decreasing their hours.

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