Early Intervention ABA Program

Early Intervention ABA Program for Children 18m - 6 years

What is Early Intervention?

Using early and intensive therapy, children with autism can learn and develop at a rate that would normally take significantly longer, allowing them to communicate and interact better. Utilizing Early Intervention allows for a better chance at changing or enhancing brain development, as negative behaviors can be corrected before becoming issues.

Many children begin early intervention ABA therapy around 18-30 months old, as the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children between 18-24m receive autism screenings. Children with autism who receive early intervention therapy have been noted to have a better chance of building pivotal developmental skills.

Early Intervention ABA Therapy

Early Intervention at Journey Therapy Center

Early Intervention is crucial towards the successful inclusion of our children in general education settings. Our center-based early intervention program provides a unique behavioral experience that focuses on promoting language, social skills, while decreasing behaviors that may prevent learning. Instruction is delivered in a one-on-one format to maximize learning opportunities.

Our Early Intervention Program is an intensive day time center-based ABA Therapy program for children up to 6 years old. Children in this program typically receive 20-40 hours of ABA therapy a week.

Could Your Child Benefit from ABA Therapy?

Journey Therapy Center offers early intervention ABA therapy, along with multiple other forms of ABA therapy to children in the greater Lapeer, MI area. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about our ABA Therapy programs.

For All ABA Programs:

A child receiving ABA services must be enrolled for no fewer than 12 hours a week. An exception is made for children that have previously received services and are decreasing their hours.

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